My name is Charlotte Fevre, I am passionate about languages and that’s why I became a freelance translator. I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in English and Russian Translation from the Superior Institute for Translators and Interpreters of Brussels. I have always been what you would call a book worm and that’s why I specialized in Literary Translation in my last year of Master’s. I translate from English to French and from Russian to English. I sometimes translate from French to English when the project is dear to me. I hope to one day be just an ounce as talented as Jean-François Ménard (the French translator of the Harry Potter series and some of Roald Dahl’s books).

I grew up in France and discovered my passion for traveling when I was 18. Fresh out of high school, I decided to become an Au Pair in the United States and moved to San Francisco, CA for over a year. I fell in love with this city, this State and this wonderful country full of contradictions. After that, I moved to Brussels in Belgium to attend a school dedicated to translation. I spent 5 years in this welcoming country which is similar and yet very different to my home country. During my studies, I had the opportunity to participate to the Erasmus program. I moved to Saint-Petersburg, Russia, for 5 months. I truly recommend this city to anyone who loves museums and culture.

During these experiences abroad I was truly immersed in the culture of these countries and became an expert about their traditions and their people. This is an invaluable skill for localized translation.


Because I used to live on Sycamore Ave, back in the United States. And also because sycamore trees are beautiful.